Request for Networking Survey - Management of AMA/Elopements, Pt Restraints, Pt with Psych Symptoms

NorthBay is requesting a networking survey regarding "Management of AMA/Elopements, Patient Restraints, Management of Patient with Psychiatric Symptoms (5150s & non-5150s) Weapons, Release No Info (RENO)". Please hit "reply" to answer the following questions by February 26, 2016 to assist with this networking survey.

1. Weapons Policy - Does your organization allow your security personnel in the hospital setting, with proper training, to use:



a. Hand guns

b. Taser

c. Handcuffs

d. K-9 unit

e. Pepper spray

2. In the event of a 5150 hold/patient wanting to leave/AMA/elopement, does your organization:

Detain these patients (following your restraints policy) until the hold is lifted?

Contact local Police Department and County Mental Health in the interest of patient and public safety and advise them of the AMA/elopement?

Other (please describe) _________

3. If willing to share, please attach a copy of your policies on:

* Management of AMA/Elopements

* Patient Restraints

* Management of Patient with Psychiatric Symptoms (5150s & non-5150s)

* Weapons

* Release No Information (RENO)

to your survey response to or fax to (707) 646-4853 - thank you.

Thank you for your assistance with this request.

Linda Pryor
Risk Management
NorthBay Healthcare
(707) 646-5753

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