Does anyone have references related to starting up a PSO or could share personal experience with starting a PSO?

Lynda Chancey, MSN
Patient Safety
Phoebe Putney Health Systems
229 312-5153
Pager 312-0005 #1551

The information in this communication is related to quality improvement and is considered confidential. Quality Improvement engages in or utilizes peer review and gathers and reviews information relating to the care and treatment of patients for the purpose of evaluating and improving the quality and efficiency of health care rendered. As such, the information in this communication is protected under law. O.C.G.A.


  • I will be out of the office until Feb. 18 and will reply to your message
    upon my return.
    Thanks, Ruth
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    Lynda are you looking to join a PSO? Please email me / I have some information.


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