Pre-surgery orders handling

Dear members

We are in process of setting our Electronic Medical system (Meditech) for
our rural 22-beds hospital. We would like to hear from you as how do you
handle the pre-surgery orders from your physicians' office.

Do you receive paper order/Fax order and your staff input the data in the
system? OR you have setup your system to directly receive the orders as
input into your electronic medical system?

Any information is greatly appreciated.

Mary Assadi RN| Clinical Director SSSU

Tri-State Memorial Hospital

1221 Highland Ave.

Clarkston, WA 99403

Phone: 509.758-5511 | FAX: 509.751-4552 |


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    We are implementing Epic and the physicians will need to input the orders directly. We also have NPs who can do that.

    Lori Rizzo, RN BSN MBA
    Staff Specialist
    MGH Perioperative Services
    Phone: 617-724-0150
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