Blood Utilization Review

What department performs blood utilization review for your hospital? Does the Lab perform the blood utilization review audits or does the quality assessment department? What about the individual - a lab professional or a nurse?

Thank you for your help!
Traci Burcham
St. Luke's Hospital
Chesterfield, MO


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    Lab does - lab professional

    Pamela Buchholz RN
    Risk Management Coordinator
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    Our lab personnel does the blood utilization report for our facility.

    Christina Kitterman

    Perry Memorial Hospital

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    Reviews for compliance to established criteria are completed by qualified lab staff. Variances are sent to quality who then forwards the reviews to the active physicians on the Blood Util Committee. Those that are deemed to not be appropriate are referred to the Physician Peer Committee.

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    At our facility, the Quality Mgt nurse performs blood review using criteria established by MEC. Any criteria not met automatically is sent to peer review. She also reviews the process from order to administration for breakdowns in the process. An analysis with aggregated data is sent to committee.
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    Blood usage review is performed by the Pathologist with criteria
    approved by the Quality Council and medical staff. Pathologist performs
    "real time" interventions when questionable use for blood. Intervention
    and outcome is documented on the blood usage review report that goes to
    the quality council. Performance flows to OPPE/FPPE for observation of
    patterns by provider. The overall appropriateness rate is reported in a
    "Lab/Pathology Dashboard" format to the Quality Council.

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