Patient Bed Types on Behavioral Health Units

Hi Group! I hope those of you on in-patient Behavioral Health units can answer a couple of questions for me.

1. What type of patient bed is used on your unit? Are they regular adjustable hospital beds that can be adjusted up/down with side rails or cots/bunk bed style that are in a fixed position with no side rails? If adjustable hospital beds, do you use electronic controls?

2. Do you have a special type of bed you use for patient behavioral restraints? If so what type? We purchased a special 'restraint' bed for use in our restraint area, but it turned out to not be very safe nor effective for restrained patients. So we currently use an older style hospital bed with side rails removed and electronics removed.

CMS raised a few questions about the type of beds we use on our hospital based unit when they surveyed us last year. We currently use some fixed cot/bunk style beds without side rails and some electronic adjustable hospital beds with half rails for our patients.

We were wondering what type of beds other psych units use.

Thanks in advance to all who respond.


Ellie Rankin, RN
Unit Educator
Behavioral Medicine Dept.
Alamance Regional Medical Center
Burlington, NC 27216
(336) 538-7518


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    Weare a RTC for kids 5 to 17, use wooden frame beds with mattress, no drawers, since drawers when we had them always got broken, the bed is bolted to the floor. Our restraint bed is molded plastic type with mattress, steel hooks on side, which we keep attached to bed when not in use
    ..If you need further info let me know.

    Toril Strand Rn,c CNO
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    We are a free standing crisis stabilization unit for adults and kids. We
    have some wooden frame beds - those with drawers have the drawers bolted as
    they don't work well. We are slowly replacing the beds to a plastic molded
    type with mattresses - there are no hooks or anything on them - they are
    also attached to the floor by epoxy. I don't know the brand but can find out
    if needed. These same molded beds are used in the restraint room at one

    Leah Guthrie, BA, RN, LHRM
    Director, Quality Improvement/Risk Management
    Renaissance Behavioral Health Systems, Inc.
    P.O. Box 19249
    Jacksonville, Florida 32245-9249
    Phone: 904-743-1883 ext. 7106
    Fax: 904-743-5109
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