Reject Medicare/Anthem and Apria Equipment?


A few weeks after I read my initial sleep study recommending a CPAP, I went out a purchased a used ResMEd S9 Elite, heated humidifier unit, a mask and heated hose. A month later, I called Apria Healthcare and asked them about the status of my doctor's Rx for me. They replied they could not contact me since the doc didn't include contact information. I gave them my contact information and they said, "we will be back to you within nine business days."
I have Medicare with Anthem supplemental insurance. I'm reading that Apria is going to want to bill me for rental of whatever equipment they will be supplying. They've already asked for my credit card number. Now, even before I see them, I'm considering NOT accepting the equipment recommended by my doc which I read will be supplied by Apria as a rental. The messy part is if I decline their equipment, I likely won't be getting any insurance coverage for replacement masks and hoses for my existing equipment, and I'm guessing those supplies will cost me several hundred dollars a year.
Without knowing the reimbursement rates, it's difficult for me to realistically assess which route to take. My problem is inquiries about rental and equipment charges through Apria and two insurance carriers may not give me reliable information about the coverage for rental costs. Thinking about working with three separate parties about charges gives pause. To peal this onion may cause more tears than I'm willing to accept.Does anyone have an opinion about rejecting the rental provided?

Any help will be apprecited.

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