Healthcare Reform


A touchy subject here! Well as an insurance agent for the last 12 years I have to say that I am ready for something different. My book of business this year has declined almost 34% at one point reaching about $1.2 in premiums sold. Not a whole lot but enough to make a decent profit. Most f not all of my book is group health and the reason why my book of business has declined so much is because most of my clients are out simply out of business. And the ones are hanging by a dandelion on a cliff just can't afford it anymore. 
Even though I may see an even bigger decrease in my book, at the end of the day I will have a clear conscience about my integrity of selling health insurance. I have been sick with guilt all these years knowing that health insurance is a greedy money machine that needs to be stopped. Doctors, labs, pharmaceutical companies are infested with greed and its time to clean it up. What happen to this profession being a public service? Many doctors do not deserve the same respect as teachers, police, Fire and Medics, Social Workers and so on. They should be ashamed of themselves. Prescribing medication for EVERYTHING! And prescribing medication for side effects of other medication! Most of this coming from family practice. 
Why aren't doctors doing something for people that are preventative? Educate people about nutrition and how to be healthy. No. They want you to keep coming back and coming back. Oh and don't forget to tell the "specialist" your M.D referred you. Wouldn't want to forget that little kickback. 
I cringe every time I sell a policy and I feel sorry for my clients who are trying to do the right thing and retain their employees. I try to find them the lowest possible premiums that make as much sense as they can. Yet I know if something happens or someone gets ill, it will cost thousands before they realize whats going on. If they ever do.
Is it wrong for me to think this way?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.
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