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I have tried starting this thread before. Unfortunately, I need more advice in this area.I have a stationary bike that I use to help with exercise, energy, spasticity and weigh control...I have a wonderful friend that resides in a nursing home.She too would like to use a cycle for the same reasons.She does occassionally use the PT equipment at the nursing home. But with insurance and medicare there is always a limit to the number of sessions she can have.She does swim twice a week, but even now that is being threatened.She moved to a different (much better and brighter) nursing home. Now the transportation wants to charge her an extreme amount to get her to and from the YMCA.We have looked into cycles with motors like the theracycle. She needs something that can be rolled up to her wheelchair. Something that can also be used on the table woud be great.The price of the theracycle makes it untouchable.I have searched for similar cycles and they seem like they would wear out quickly.Any ideas for clearinghouses or equipment rentals?

Any help will be apprecited.

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Thank you.

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