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I working as the Problem policy lead for a large public sector organisation in Wales. (As well as other Service Management duties) I am in the process of reviewing and updating the statuses we currently use with the help of a stakeholder group drawn from across the organisation. One of the statuses I want to remove is 'Approved Risk' which tends to be used when a proposed fix for a Problem is put on hold. (Usually for resource reasons) I don't personally see it as a true Problem lifecycle status as the true status of the Problem is being 'masked' by selecting this. 

There is currently a Risk field selectable within the Problem record itself which has risk types such as Clinical, Business & Organisational etc but there is no risk score attached to this selection. My take on risk is that there is a potential for something to go awry and if it does, this then becomes an issue. If you are logging a reactive Problem, surely the risk is now an issue as it has happened already. I understand the argument for selecting a risk type and score if you are logging a proactive Problem record as the risk has not yet been realised (Issue) Any advice and guidance greatly appreciated.

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