OOD medication "safety"


I had a good clearcut of the "first aid cupboard" today, quite apparently the first clearcut for some time, & found plenty of out of date medication, some of which is common (e.g. old 500mg paracetamol from when I had various chest ops over the years) & easily replaceable with over-the-counter shopping, but also some others that perhaps might not be so straightforward to get hold of if I wanted/needed to.

I've kept the uncommon ones on the basis that if SHTF then older meds are likely better than no meds at all but I'm not sure where the "safety" side of things comes in - i.e. is it because they lost potency after x years so therefore taking them isn't as beneficial as you might hope/expect, or is it that they go "off" and can actually cause other issues?

Please help

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