Video streaming problem on mm vs wmp


I have a computer with a mm dlna server and a windows media player dlna server. I try to configure the mm dla server with a vmw streaming conversion for everything and without video conversion. I try to play the videos in a android tablet Samsung Galaxy Tab. With the wmp dlna server, no problems, i can stream any videos on the tablet, but with the mm dlna server, i can't play the videos. Sometimes the tablet stay on loading, sometimes the player return to the upnp library immediatly. 

I try to open the stream with opera mobile, and i get 2 minutes of video in vmw format. I can play the 2 minutes without problems on the tablet player, but not the direct stream.No problems with the music.One good point, you browse the library more faster than wmp and the presentation is more friendly.MM, Android 2.3.3, Upnpplay and MX Video Player or VPlayer or The default video player.

Please help

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.



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