Video Streaming Issue with Adblock Plus Installed


I installed Adblock Plus yesterday before watching some streaming video in MxPlayer on the bus ride home. After seeking a few times to get to my place in the video, I was able to watch a few minutes of video, but was running into major buffering issues. I got through maybe 5 minutes of video over 15-20 minutes. After, I stopped watching the video, I noticed that Adblock Plus was still downloading.

When I got home, I saw that Adblock Plus had used 550MB of data, over the half hour that I had it installed. The entire video would have been around 200MB. I'm wondering if there is an issue with Adblock Plus not terminating connections, and that it continued to download the different parts of the video stream after I had seeked to a different position. This would explain the bandwidth usage and the buffering issues. There were no other applications installed that would have been using that much data. After uninstalling Adblock Plus, the issue went away.

Please help

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