Can anyone give me some advice please. My father in law has had parkinsons disease for 15 years or so, has just this week been diagnosed with having lewybody dementia. He may of had this a bit longer but was not diagnosed before. 
He has been in hospital for a while now since Nov 07, had a fall at home, admitted to hospital where the parkinson medication was altered, just about to return home when he had a fall in the hospital and fractured his hip. He currently is in the hospital, he is hallucinating at night time, he is also doubily incontinent and sometimes just lays in the bed not asking for help. He asks us for strange things to to brought to him in hospital i.e. old records, large amounts of money etc. Obviously I do not carry out most of his requests, and on the next visit he doesnt even ask for them. He has lost nearly two stone in weight in three months, (some people tell me that a lot of people loose weight in hospital as the food isnt that good), all this taken into consideration, the hospital staff seem to think that he will return home and they cannot do anything about it if he insists that he wants to go there. 

He has been assessed this week by a mental health team and they say he has lewybody dementia. 
I am not sure where I read it, but am I right in saying that medication for parkinsons disease and medication for lbd are not compatible. Also, why on earth do you think social services think it is ok for him to return home soon to his house, where he lives alone. He will have a care package which consists of 4 x 15 minute visits a day. I am extremely against this idea, I am not einstein but how on earth is he supposed to manage. I live a good one and a half hours drive away, and him coming to live with us is not possible and we cannot relocate our lives to be nearer to him. I have read on this forum that a lot of people with LBD talk about "home", does he really know where "home" is now???? 

Please help

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