got a bad virus pls help asap

last night i copied some data from a friend's usb but after copying the data i came to know that i wasn't able to open those copied folders as they were appearing as application.exe ,then i deleted them and restarted my pc but after rebooting i found that all my folder in my drive E were acting as an application and i wasn't able to access them and it included very important documents and some of my memories from childhood in the form of pics but now i can't even open them so please kindly help me asap
p.s. i can still access them by typing " . " in my search bar

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.


  • nice post.some viruses occured in that deleted files we can recover easily.Am work with an outdoor street lights .some times my files are deleted automatically .in you search an application for the recover all files.
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