surveys so far this year

Hi all:  Anyone have any tips they want to share about working with The Joint Commission and the SAFER matrix, now that they've been using that for awhile? 


  • We have two facilities. One was surveyed in late 2016 and one in 2017. I have also used the SAFER matrix in my personal audits. I would place my findings into the SAFER matrix and send this to department managers. I hoped this would help them to prioritize corrective actions.

    Unfortunately, the matrix does not correspond to the COP's. Since the tool does not coordinate with the COP's, the matrix was not useful in preparing for survey.

    When responding to survey findings the contradictions create confusion and inhibit the usefulness of the SAFER matrix. Findings that are high risk on the SAFER matrix may not be subject to resurvey while low risk findings are resurveyed. The result is a large group of findings that are high priority, therefore the SAFER matrix does not help the organization in ranking interventions.

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