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Does anyone out there use AMP software from JC Resources? Do you have the supplemental Tracer software that can be purchased separately?

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    Yes we use both. And they have proven to be very helpful. The Tracer software is very user friendly and easy to use. There are multiple questions pre-loaded that can be used to meet your organization's specific tracer needs. In addition, you can edit the questions to put in info specific to your processes or you can add whole questions with your info.
    We do find AMP is not quite as intuitive but still a great tool once you get accustomed to using it. Feel free to call me if you have more specific questions.

    Valerie Luker, RN
    Accreditation Specialist
    East Jefferson General Hospital
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    We just seen Demo and are in process of purchasing AMP with Tracers I would recommend getting a Demo.
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    The hospital where I used to work uses this. I was very satisfied with both AMP and Tracers.
    When Tracers was first rolled out a few years ago, the reporting was not very robust. Since then they've done a good job with reporting and presentation graphics. I love the library of questions and the flexibility to edit or add your own.

    Also, tracer results link to your FSA which is a huge benefit when you go to score.

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    I find it invaluable for me to stay organized.
    If and when I ever get the time to use it to the full capacity (rounding with action plans, due dates, etc) and pull it over to AMP, I'm sure it will be even more helpful.
    I use Tracers and pull reports for the whole organization and it can be as granular as one question.
    Great reporting tool.
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    Yes, we have it and have been pleased with it, especially the tracer option.

    - inez

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