requirements from alphabet soup entities

After sending a request to our list-serve for TJC required education, it came to me that there are other regulatory bodies which require certain education. To name a few that might have requirements: CMS, OSHA, CORF, CDC, and a litany of other alphabet soup named entities.

Has anyone out there in TJC-land put together a comprehensive plan for meeting education requirements of all/most of these regulatory bodies? If so, you could probably sell it for a fortune! Or you could just share it here with the rest of us.

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    I think that I received this list from this group a while ago.

    Barbara J. Alexander, RN
    Director of Quality Improvement
    RICA - Baltimore

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    If you have it, I'd love to get a copy!


    Diane Quick
    PI/JC/Med Staff
    Burke Medical Center
    Waynesboro GA 30830
    706-554-4435 Ext 314
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